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17 September 2016...
Yesterday I was lucky enough to participate in the dialogue, which later grew into an aggressive pollilog. The question was raised whether the mere mortal can learn to paint without course, anyone's lessons, etc.
Guys, do you really think that pull it all by yourself is not possible?

I already sat down evenly on the entire reading. Participants polylogue believe that you can only learn when someone is everything "to get hold of and put it in his mouth." By the way, I know a lot of guys who are teaching drawing. They are, for a moment, self-taughts. And I'm really respect these guys because they have committed by over an incredible effort and have done a herculean job. And those who believe that you can only learn by someone's kicks - I'm afraid you do not even grasp of the very small. You can not learn the really draw, not having learned to listen to the feelings of the soul. So you can only learn the technical quality copy, but it will remain soulless because you do not feel and do not inhale the work of his soul.

I expressed my point of view. Best regards.


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